Initiation and Ordnance

Teledyne Reynolds has a specialized area of expertise in high voltage interconnect solutions and high energy devices for initiation and ordnance (I&O) applications. These highly engineered products have various characteristics tailored to I&O. Depending on the product, characteristics can include controlled impedance and capacitance values, low impedance flat cable compatibility and precise switching times.


Applications come from many markets, including

  • Mining
  • Sub-sea exploration & production
  • Research & development programs
  • Geophysical applications
  • Military/Defense (such as ordnance disposal and flight termination systems)


Applicable products 

Wire and CableHigh Voltage Mica Capacitors Spark Gaps​

​High Voltage Connectors

​High voltage wire and cable with proven reliability in, both, field testing and in production I&O systems using EBW or EFI initiators.​Low inductance/high current designs ideal for exploding foil initiators (EFI) and exploding bridgewire initiators (EBW) used in electronic safe, arm and fire (ESAF) systems.​Both gas filled and vacuum trigger gaps used for energy release in EBW and EFI applications, such as ESAF and ignition safety devices (ISD).​From designs dating back to the 1950's that are still heavily used by the I&O community today to subminiature advanced designs ideal for reduced ESAF package sizes.  Low inductance designs also available.
HV Wire & CableHV Mica CapacitorsSpark GapsHV Connectors & Assemblies



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