Teledyne Reynolds is proud to be the preferred high voltage, connector and cable solution provider for many space applications from low Earth orbit to the extreme environmental conditions of deep space.  With extensive heritage as being a key supplier to the space community, TRI's products have performed successfully in harsh environments, such as, the surface of one of Saturn's moons, Titan, the surface of Mars and in orbit around Jupiter. 

Teledyne Reynolds offers custom designed and catalogue specified high voltage cable assemblies, connectors and wire for launchers, satellite electric propulsion (SEP), payload and scientific instrument applications.

The heritage and design experience that TRI offers in meeting the demanding requirements imposed on high voltage, interconnection systems of both domestic and international space communities is unsurpassed.

Based on this experience and with input from the key players in the US space community, TRI has developed the first industry available specification covering high voltage interconnects. Three of TRI’s connector series most commonly used in space applications were the first selected for qualification under the new specification titled TRI-SR-1: General Specification for Space Rated High Voltage Cables, Connectors and Cable Assemblies. The series that have been selected are the 600 SQ, PeeWee SQ and 311 SQ.

TRI-SR-1 specifies the material, design and testing requirements for Teledyne Reynolds’ space qualified products.


For additional information on the SQ Series of Space Qualified products, please download our Space Qualified Products brochure.


Examples of heritage 

  • Hubble Space Telescope
  • Cassini
  • Huygens Probe
  • Curiosity Rover
  • New Horizons
  • Dawn
  • Hayabusa and Hayabusa-2
  • Rosetta
  • Juno
  • ExoMars
  • Radiation Belt Storm Probes
  • and many more...




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